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Whitney Smith brings her over 25 years of experience in the leadership of innovative and progressive projects and organizations to her work as a consultant. Whitney specializes in bridging the gap between dynamic non-profit organizations and cutting edge for-profit companies to achieve the highest social good.  


Whitney is also the visionary Founder of Girls For A Change and scaled the organization from 10 girls in the US to over 20,000 girls globally during her 13-year tenure as CEO. Her inspiration for Girls For A Change springs from over 18 years of experience in the leadership of innovative and progressive programs for girls and women. 


She has been acknowledged for her accomplishments by NPR, named on of the most Influential women in the Silicon Valley and featured as one of the first 100 women in the PBS/AOL documentary project Makers. She was selected to attend Harvard Business School’s Nonprofit Strategic Management Program and awarded a scholarship to Hewlett Packard’s Leadership Initiative Program.


A tireless advocate for social justice and the unlimited potential of girls and women, Whitney speaks frequently to diverse audiences on collaboration, social change, youth development, and girls and women in leadership. 


Sohrab started his first business at the age of 24, a highly successful record store, bar, and event space which currently thrives in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. He is a born entrepreneur who will never back away from taking on a new challenge or learning something that will enhance his competency as a business person.


Sohrab, a SF bay area native, is also actively involved in social and community change within San Francisco especially in the downtown / Tenderloin area where his small business resides.


He is outstandingly driven towards success and his specialty is strategy and the building of foundational business structure that will help businesses grow and scale with ease. He channels his tenacious, self-taught & self-motivated base of experience which provides inspiration and skill to companies he consults for which is invaluable.

He has experience advising and implementing for individuals, small businesses, start-ups and social ventures of all sizes.

He is also a music maker who owns his own record label and performs internationally.



Casey Sinnwell, a native of small town Iowa, has over twelve years of experiencing managing political and campaign operations for various candidates and elected officials across the United States.


He thrives in complex and challenging situations. He has managed high level dignitary, military and trade delegation trips to China, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Israel and Spain. He served as a member of the senior staff for Senator Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign where he managed a department with over one hundred staff, a multi-million dollar monthly budget and successfully managed over 430 rallies and concerts across the US in just eleven short months.


Following the presidential campaign, Casey ventured into his passion for creating change through media, developing a documentary series for network TV focusing on social, political and economic issues facing Americans post-election. Bridging his love of entertainment and politics, he recently developed We The People Concert, a social non-profit organization driven to impact swing districts in the United States by targeted music festivals pushing for progressive change.


Sinnwell, a 2005 graduate of Iowa State University, with a degree in political science, he currently works out of his office in Brooklyn, New York.


Rae Steward is an entrepreneur who absolutely adores supporting fellow changemakers in experiencing success through authenticity and risk-taking.  Rae is also a highly sought-after public speaker on the topics of mental health, recovery, and self-actualization.  


She takes pride in her additional, eclectic roles: copywriter and editor, author of her blog and memoir in the works, and contributor to as many meaningful projects as she can get her hands on.


Her past clients include The Dream Corps, Hazelden Betty Ford, Images USA, Influential Lifestyle Media Group, ISR Bay Area, Mountain Designs, Zoe Quinton Lit, and many others. 

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