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Whitney has over two decades of experience partnering with corporations on their brand development, business strategy, social responsibility and philanthropic strategies and initiatives. Whitney has founded and scaled a social enterprise, counseled public and private companies, celebrities, philanthropists and thought leaders. She is an intuitive coach, strategist and advisor who blends profit and purpose seamlessly with an ability to walk in juxtaposed worlds. As one client said, “Whitney is like a truck stop waitress with an Ivy League degree.” 

Able to support clients beyond just their impact strategies, Whitney has designed and executed large scale projects including marketing and branding campaigns, celebrity and thought leader career ascension, new product launches, start-up business development, investment cultivation, partnership development and high stakes high profile crisis management.

She is an intuitive strategy partner and deeply trusted confidential advisor to her clients. When working with individuals she believes that a legacy driven by purpose is key to achieving a life well lived. 

She has successfully designed CSR and Philanthropy initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, large foundations, small innovative startups, and individual philanthropists, demonstrating her ability to work across a wide diversity of culture and resource availability. 

She regularly guides organizations in strategy and crisis response in areas where business intersects with social, cultural and human equity. 

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