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Whit And Wisdom is a boutique consultancy that is completely head over heels in love with  corporations, social ventures and individuals who are out to make our world a better place.

Whit and Wisdom specializes in strategy, facilitation, project management, negotiation and problem solving.

  • We work with corporations to develop and implement CSR strategy, pro-social marketing campaigns and philanthropic endeavors.

  • We advise companies and entrepreneurs on product development, finance strategy, business and partnership strategy, brand, and culture when the goal is meeting a double bottom line. 

  • We partner with foundations, high net-worth individuals and families to develop giving strategy and implement high leverage philanthropy.

  • We assist high performing social ventures and social entrepreneurs to design strategy, achieve scale and generate revenue.

  • We regularly take on interesting projects that focus on creating social good that are outside these parameters because we believe in keeping it interesting. 


Whit And Wisdom is...

  • Highly empathetic.

  • Excellent at negotiation and communication.

  • Risk taking. 

  • Radically creative and flexible.

  • Smarty Pants.

  • Obsessed with solving problems.

  • Extraordinary at networking and relationship building.


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